Missionary Wife’s Perspective of Thanksgiving

Today’s post is from my wife, Jennifer. She brings a certain perspective of a wife, mother and woman on a foreign mission field and how it effects us all during the holidays:

After 4 years living abroad and celebrating most of those holidays in NZ, it still doesn’t feel normal to have Thanksgiving in the Spring!

Its just weird!

And the fact that my family is half way across the world creates a sense of homesickness.

BUT…the one thing that remains the same is the real reason I am thankful this holiday season…and it is for my home in Heaven! Where I can be joined again with all my family and friends! No more long distance calls and tears over holidays…because we will all be celebrating at a big fancy table with Our Lord and Saviour!!

Oh man!

How great that day will be!

Until that day, I am super thankful for the family that God has created around me in NZ!

A piece of my heart has been laid into this country!

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