How Will You Live While Dying?

Let me start by saying, I don’t know Ryan Woods. I have never met him and really know nothing about him other than what I learned the last few weeks of his life. But what I learned in those few weeks is enough to tell me a lot about who he is and his character.

In his last few weeks/months, Ryan made more of a positive impact on people than most do in their entire life.

He believed in the words of Jesus and he believed in living them out to the fullest.

A comment Ryan made in an interview has haunted me. When asked about his life and dying he responded, “We are all dying. The question is, what kind of story are we going to live as we are dying.”


Ryan, sitting there with terminal cancer, was more concerned about how he was living, than how he was going to die.

That is Jesus! That is what it looks like to be Jesus.

Ryan illustrated that what we do in this life matters. How we live, the things we say, the people we interact with, they matter.

I don’t know Ryan, but I wished I did.

I never got to sit down and talk with Ryan, but what I learned about him through the lives of others has told me all I will ever need to know.

He was Jesus and he cared for others.

He cared more about living than dying.

He left a legacy worth following.

How will you live while dying?

What will your legacy be?

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