The Art of Wooing

I’ve been reading a fictional book lately that is reminding me of the Great Romance Story that is found throughout the Bible.

It’s reminding me that we are intensely loved!

It’s reminding me that we are fervently sought after!

It’s reminding me that we are constantly being wooed!

Sometimes it’s hard to think of it this way.

But Jesus was a romantic. He wooed his people.

Jesus healing was like giving flowers, candy or jewelry.

Jesus’ conversations was like having those intimate conversations where you get to know someone really well.

Jesus was always about lavishing his love on those around him.

He knew people would only come to him as a bride after he had wooed them; after he had taken the time to allow them to fall in love with him.

I think this is an art form, one that we have lost today it seems.

Instead of taking the time to woo those around us into this great love story, we go for a more “wam, bam, one night stand” approach.

Think about it, would you expect a person you just met to meet you for the first time and think, “Wow! I really want to spend eternity with them. I will give my life for them. I will sacrifice everything for them.”?

I have made so many mistakes trying to show people Jesus.

One mistake we can’t afford to make is taking the time to love.

To learn the art of wooing!

We are a part of the Great Romance Story, inviting people to be the bride of Christ.

It’s a love story, and it takes romantics to tell it.

So, I don’t care if you are a “manly man” or not, it’s time for us to take the time to show people Christ in love.

Let’s help others fall in love with Christ.

This will take time. It will take energy. It will take romance.

But like any great romance, it is worth the journey.

Let’s woo like Jesus!

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