I am…

I am the guy who says the wrong thing all the time.

I am the guy who acts first and “usually” has to apologize later.

I am the guy who will win your heart or earn your anger.

I am the guy who has no business being a minister.

I am the guy not worthy of the love of God.

This is how I feel most of the time. Sometimes I don’t even know how I got into the position I am in. I don’t remember why God would choose me to serve Him in this way.

In a single day I can go from being full of myself to being a defeatist. I know I’m a narcissist, but all that means is that I try to hide my insecurities.

But I also believe fully in Jesus and I believe I was created for a purpose. I believe God has always had a plan for me and that plan was good. I know I am loved by my Father and He wants me to live up to my potential. I know that God loves me regardless of my constant failures. I know that my Father picks me up bloodied and bruised and tells me He will make all things new…including me.

I am the guy who is seeing lives, including mine, changed on a daily basis.

I am the guy being renewed day by day.

I am the guy who Jesus is transforming.

I am the guy who God is using to start a revolution.

If this is what God can do with a guy like me…

Imagine what He can do with you!

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