It’s Not What You Think

Recently I was having a good catch up with a friend. We were enjoying tacos, Jarritos and chatting about starting our own taco bar (gotta love tacos).

In our conversation he asked me why I left my business career to go into full-time ministry?

I have thought on this ever since he asked that question. I don’t know if there is just one reason I made the decision. I’m not even so sure the reason I made is the same reason now. I’m not even sure I would make the same decision the same way.

But I do know this…

I was good at climbing the corporate ladder. I wasn’t the greatest accountant or the smartest person in the corporation. But I knew people and I knew where I wanted to be in life…rich.

I wanted to be successful, I wanted to be known, I wanted to be the man!

I wanted a good life.

And along the way of becoming those things I began to lose sight as to why I wanted to achieve certain goals.

In the midst of talking this over with my friend I remembered some words of Jesus that I think ring true in my reason for my life change.

Jesus said on different occasions:

“To receive, you have to give.”

“You want to lead, learn to follow.”

“The poor are rich and you only really live for certain things if you are willing to die to them.”

So much of Jesus’ teachings were counter to the life I was trying to live.

I began to realize I didn’t just want a good life, I wanted a great life!

Then I realized to become great I had to become the least.

Not everyone is called into full-time ministry. The greatest calling we all have is to live a life for Jesus and like Jesus.

Many of the people Jesus called to greatness, were asked in the midst of their normal every day lives.

Jesus invites us on an adventure like never before, asking us to follow him into the greatness of the kingdom, which is backwards to everything the world will teach us.

I decided to change my occupation because I wanted to use experiences to be a part of a bigger movement. One that is changing the world.

We are all invited to be a part of that adventure.

Living for Jesus is rarely about leaving something bad for something good.

More often than naught, it is about leaving something good for something great.

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