Me Too!

“The most powerful sermon in the world is two words: ME TOO!” – Anne Lamott​

“I understand what your going through!”​

“I feel your pain!”​

“I’ve been there!”​

​Struggling, hurting, wounded, doubting. When we can identify with others, when we can feel their pain, when we can look at someone in the eye and say “Me Too,” and actually mean it, then we have given someone the greatest gift.

​​One of our greatest needs as humans is to feel like we are not alone. That we are not the only ones who struggle with life. That we are not the only ones who hurt. That we are not the only ones who mess up in life.​​

We are all weak at some point and we need to feel like others can identify with us. And we won’t let others into our lives, into our problems if we don’t feel like they can understand.

It is hard to get where you are going unless you know where you have come from. It is hard to move forward in your pain, if you don’t understand why you hurt. ​​

Christ came into this world, went through everything we did, experienced life as we did, so that he might be able to say, “ME TOO!”

​​We need to be able to say to others that we understand them. And not only tell them, but demonstrate to them we understand.​​

The most powerful witness we can be in this world is to be able to stand before the world and say “ME TOO!”

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