The Less I See…

Have you ever thought how much time we spend looking in a mirror?

I’m sure some people spend more time than others.

But seriously, we spend a lot of time looking at ourselves.

From the mirror bathroom to the storefront window (admit it your not just window shopping).

Sometimes we look in the mirror to make sure we look okay.

Sometimes we are just admiring ourselves.

Sometimes we are giving ourselves a pep talk.

Sometimes we are reminding ourselves who we are and where we are headed.

We constantly go back to the mirror so that we won’t forget.

One of the things I am learning in my walk with God is: the less I see me, the more I become Him!

We were created for a reason. We all have a purpose and are meant to live that life on purpose (I need to write a blog about this thought another time).

I am finding myself wanting to spend less time looking at myself, trying to figure myself out and more time looking for God in this world and how He has specifically created me to fit in it.

I’m learning that my best version of me is when I look the most like Him.

So step away from the mirror and spend less time looking at yourself.

Because the less you see of you, the more you will become like Him.

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