The Art of Wooing

I’ve been reading a fictional book lately that is reminding me of the Great Romance Story that is found throughout the Bible. It’s reminding me that we are intensely loved! It’s reminding me that we are fervently sought after! It’s reminding me that we are constantly being wooed! Sometimes it’s hard to think of it … More The Art of Wooing

Pray for Boston

Today American was rocked again in this tragic event at the Boston Marathon. There are really no words that I can say that would make the situation better. I can’t bring comfort. I can’t bring peace. I can’t bring hope. But I know the One who can. So today let’s join together and ask Him … More Pray for Boston

No More Faith

One author in the Bible calls faith “being confident of what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Faith is what makes life worth living. Faith drives us to something greater. But having faith is hard too! One of my favorite story-telling artists, Andrew Peterson, has a song that talks about … More No More Faith